About The Gin Archive

The Gin Archive is a joint project between Archive Curator, John Roberts, and Gin Consultant, David T Smith.

The Gin Archive is a web-based encyclopaedia of Gin Brands supported by the Archive Collection, an ever expanding private assortment of over 4000 different gins from over 60 different countries, including rare samples such as the Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin and the  1495 Verbatim and Interpretatio Gins.

The selection of gins  in the Gin Archive includes Dry Gin, London Dry, Genever, Old Tom, Navy Strength, Overproof and Sloe and other flavoured gins. It also houses a number of Limited Editions, Vintage and Specially Packaged gins. The Archive now also houses ‘Ginerama’ in the form of gin related collectibles, gin books, coasters and the like.

The Gin Archive encyclopaedia was launched on World Gin Day – Saturday 11th June 2016.

Speaking on the launch of the Gin List, David T Smith said:-

“With the exciting rise of new gins across the world, it can be difficult to keep track; gone are the days when gin launches were limited to a few a year. Hopefully the Gin List will help gin lovers all over the world to discover new favourites.”

And John Roberts added

“As David says, the variety of available Gins is continuing to grow enormously all over the globe – not only in numbers but also in types, the use of rare and unusual botanicals, base spirits and method of distillation. Hopefully with our growing collection and David’s expertise, the Archive will provide a useful reference for both amateurs and professionals in the gin world.”

The Archive is expanding rapidly and we particularly wish to express our gratitude to the many individuals, distillers and companies who have already donated their gins and in some cases, vintage bottles or other gin related items, to the ‘Gin Archive’.

Furthermore, the world of gin is vast and it is inevitable that we shall have made some errors in our descriptions or other information. We are indeed grateful to those persons who have made the effort to advise us of such errors in order that we may make the necessary corrections. Please continue to do so – your advice is appreciated.

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