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The Gin Archive is a web-based encyclopaedia of gin brands supported by a private collection, including rare samples such as the Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin and the 1495 Verbatim and Interpretatio Gins. The Archive is expanding rapidly and now holds in excess of 4,000 different gins from over 60 different countries.

The selection of gins in the Gin Archive includes Dry, London Dry, Genever, Old Tom, Barrel Aged, Navy Strength, Overproof and Sloe and other Flavoured gins as well as an expanding collection of Vintage Gins.

We are indeed grateful to those persons who have made the effort to help and advise us in the process of creating this archive and to distillers and gin enthusiasts who have donated gins to the collection. Find out more about The Gin Archive, read more …

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